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The discovery and thrill of the...Immersed in the pristine nature of Sicily



Sicily, a world unto itself


We love our land and we visited the most beautiful places of Sicily and the volcano Etna, then we can suggest routes, visits, walks to horse, bike, walk, boat tours and everything that makes our island a world of its own.


Blue seas, a volcano, black, narrow streets and alleys, granitas, and sweet...


...and then the rich museums, noble palaces, baroque churches, theaters, and ancient... and then the shops of ceramics, lace, coral, jewelry, antiques, and also of the most important signatures: all this and more is just a few miles.




The Tanaceto is the ideal starting point for daily trips to the artistic and naturalistic beauties of the most renowned Eastern Sicily, like the mythical Taormina and Giardini Naxos, the volcano Etna, Acitrezza with the Stacks, the baroque town of Acireale and the Timpa, and also the lava Catania, the city of ceramics of Caltagirone, the golden Siracusa, the baroque capital of Noto, and more.



The goals that are closest to us deserve the trip and within a few hours to visit them!!




The Alcantara Gorges are an ideal destination for lovers of nature trails. The river has created along its course in the tens of thousands of years in a valley that owes its fame to the particular formations of lava issued from the volcano Etna, known locally as the "gole" (gorges, with vertical walls perpendicular to tens of meters. You can not only admire them but also to walk in the canyon and even, if you want to, swim in the river!



Castiglione was inhabited by the Greeks, already from the 403 to.C. built on the rocca, a fortified lookout, then came the romans who built bridges, the arabs, who bred crocodiles in the river Alcantara, normans and the swabians, under whom Castiglione became a royal city. The castle is full of legends, and the rich palaces and churches, you can still admire as well as the basilian "cube" and the “cannizzu", a lookout tower split in two by a terrible lightning. Also worth a visit near the Church of Santa Domenica, called Cuba, a rare and valuable example of the construction of the Byzantine cupola of the SEVENTH century.



Randazzo overlooks the Alcantara Valley lying at the center of what was once the Val Demone. Churches, palaces, museums, narrow streets are all built of lava stone, which is a real pearl of the environmental and architectural made precious by the presence of three protected areas such as the Regional Park of Etna, the Nebrodi and the Alcantara River Park. Each corner offers a different view, impressive vistas and unique discover the traces of its ancient civilization and the signs of its medieval splendour. You can also venture out to the paths that wind along stretches of lava, ancient and recent up to Monte Spanish and its beech forest, the ice Cave, the Cave and the nature Trail Shea, the ancient paths of the shepherds and other witnesses again.

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